Finding the Right Tree Service

Just recently we had a wind storm come through our area. The following morning I walked outside on my property only to notice that I now had part of a small tree that had fallen on our trampoline. As I began to investigate more, I noticed that actually a large tree had fallen over and it was now resting on another tree. I normally am the type of guy that likes to do it myself. However, in looking at the leaning tree, I recognized that I would not be able to take care of this feat. I am going to need some help.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Either you have a dead tree in your yard or a fallen tree and now you are wondering what to do next. Obviously, you feel that you are out of your limits with regards to cutting down the tree. You need someone with greater knowledge and experience. The question however is where do you find someone with this knowledge and experience? People use to look in the Yellow Pages. Now, they tend to get online to find a helpful resource.

Here are some helpful thoughts as you begin looking for a tree service.

1) Ask your family or friends. Either email your friends/family or give them a call to see if they have had any experience with local tree services. You might be surprised that you find the answer very quickly. This is probably the best means of getting someone that you can trust.

2) Facebook- I am finding that Facebook is a great avenue to ask friends and family as well. We have a local 411 page in our area in which we can ask questions just like this. ‘Has anyone used a local tree company? We have a tree down in our yard.” I have found that people are extremely helpful and you could have your answer with a great review within a few hours.

3) Google It. If all else fails, then google Tree Services Near Me You will find lots of resources on the internet. Google provides you with a map section of local tree service companies. Within the map section you will find reviews for these companies. These can be helpful in thinking through whehter or not you can trust a company. For instance, if you were looking up Augusta tree service, then you will be able to access all the different tree service companies in the area.

4) Look for local Arborists on the internet. You could look for Tree Arborists The arborists in your area are trained with the knowledge of trees and whether or not they are diseased and dying or not. They can be extremely helpful with your problems and they will have knowledge of the best ways to take care of your tree problem.

5) Ask for references. Once you have gotten up the nerve to call the tree company that you like, feel free to ask them to come on out and give you a quote as well as to ask them for some recent references. It is really important to call up these references so that you get a feel for the company and how they have treated their clients in the past. It will give you a feel for their customer service as well their experience and capability.


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